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Kathleen McLaughlin

Kathleen won compensation for my husband Ralph and I for injuries we suffered in an auto accident in the Cheesquake Rest Area in New Jersey. Because of her medical expertise, Kathleen skillfully connected a “minor head injury” suffered by my husband at the time of the accident to a life-threatening cerebral hemmorrhage that developed as a result over time and was discovered later during an unrelated medical procedure. Kathleen and her staff also worked tirelessly for nearly a year to lift the Medicare lien on our settlement and transfer our medical bills to our auto insurance carrier after they were improperly billed to Medicare.

~ Patricia and Ralph J. 2017

I am a New York State Court Officer who suffered a torn rotator cuff after being broadsided by another vehicle on my way home from work. Kathleen and her staff communicated with my health care providers, insurance company and therapists to obtain me a fair and swift settlement after my surgery.

~ Officer Norman K. 2018 

I was an 18 year old athlete who sustained a neck injury and concussion after a high school football game. I had given up on my chance to accept the football scholarship I was offered. I was advised to just rest and wait it out, until I consulted Kathleen and she advised me to see my private doctor again, have an MRI ordered and receive physical therapy. My MRI showed a mild disc herniation which has since healed, due to my young age and I was awarded a settlement and have since returned to playing football.

~ Justin V. 2019

I had just paid my auto insurance premium that morning and the insurance company debited my account. Later that afternoon I was involved in a collision after a young driver went through a stop sign and totaled my new car. When I reported the accident to my insurance company they told me my insurance was cancelled for late payment. Kathleen immediately sent a letter with my banking statement showing that the company withdrew the insurance payment that morning and I later received a check for the damage to my car and a fair settlement for my neck and back strain. I was recently divorced at the time and living in a motel with my children and the settlement I received allowed me to repair my car, return to work and move my family to a proper apartment.

~ Dominique F. 2019

While driving a municipal vehicle for Monmouth County I was stopped at a light and struck from behind by a U.S. Census worker driving his personal vehicle. I sustained a severe cervical (neck) injury that required a fusion of my vertebrae and a bone graft from my thigh. Kathleen initially represented me in the Workers’ Compensation portion of the case, then in a Civil suit against the U.S. Census worker, who had minimal coverage from GEICO which would never have covered my treatment, wage loss or pain and suffering. Kathleen investigated further and found that the U.S. Census worker was en route to a U.S. Census interview and “on duty” when he rear-ended me making the U.S. Census Bureau liable for his actions as his employer. Kathleen immediatly filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Census Bureau. Her resourcefulness and keen ability to choose and consult with medical experts won my Workers’ Compensation case, the Civil case and a life-changing settelement from the U.S. Census Bureau.

~ Chris B. 2019

I recently retained Kathleen to represent me after being sideswiped by a tractor trailer and sustaining multiple injuries for which I am being diagnosed and treated for. She is special because she is an experienced ER nurse and is able to explain my injuries and treatment to me in terms I can understand. She is always available for questions and concerns and is on top of things. I know I’m in good hands!

~ Monet S. 2023

I was referred to Kathleen by one of her law school collegues for my divorce in Essex County, New Jersey. My ex-wife and I were both professionals with one child born of our marriage. Although divorces can be difficult, Kathleen made the transition smoothe and helped us “get to yes” and acheive a fair settlement for my family. Kathleen collaborated with my ex-wife’s attorney and the Court-ordered mediator we had previously met with. I feel that in addition to the legal knowledge required, it’s Kathleen’s unique ability as an effective communicator that resulted in a fair, positive and low stress resolution.

~ Michael C. 2019

I am a Labor and Delivery Nurse who was was referred to Kathleen for my divorce in Essex County, New Jersey. My on call hours coupled with my ex-husband’s rigid visitation requests for our two boys created an obstacle to acheiving a fair settlement, healing and moving forward. Being a nurse as well, Kathleen understood my plight and made herself available to me at all hours and at no extra cost for phone calls, e-Mails or texts. She worked well with my ex-husband’s attorney and referred me to an excellent and caring real estate attorney to assisted with the selling of mine and my ex-husband’s home. Overall, Kathleen made what could have been a traumatic experience for myself and my sons a safe and secure transition.

~ Mai-Lan C. RN 2020

An uncontested divorce should be simple, but mine ended up as a prolonged default. Kathleen filed the necessary paperwork, but my ex-wife never responded, even when it was in her own best interest. Once sufficient time without response elapsed, the divorce was granted during the Covid Pandemic in Monmouth County via Zoom and for a very reasonable fee. 

~ Marcus C. 2020

Kathleen represented me for my divorce in Middlesex County, New Jersey, which was granted within one year, after Early Settlement Panel conferences and Marital Settlement Agreement revisions. Although my ex-wife’s and my relationship and negotiating style presented obstacles, Kathleen remained objective and professional, with only mine and my son and daughter’s best interest in mind. No matter what my decision was, Kathleen’s priority was my happiness and understanding of the impact of that decision. She made herself available at all times and was at my side from start to finish.

~ John M. 2022

Unfortunately I became acutely ill shortly after my divorce was finalized. I am continuing representation by Kathleen to revise my original Marital (Divorce) Settlement Agreement (MSA) regarding Child Support, Alimony reduction and marital property settlement, due to my illness and income reduction. 

~ John M. 2023

I originally retained Kathleen to prepare a Will, Power of Attorney and Advance Directive for my cousin who feared he was being disinherited from his deceased mother’s estate in Bergen County, New Jersey. Sadly, just as his Verified Complaint to request a Formal Accounting of his mother’s estate’s Executor’s actions was approved by the Surrogate for filing, he passed away. Kathleen properly submitted my late cousin’s Will for probate and had me confirmed as Executor of his estate in order to file a second Verified Complaint to request a Formal Accounting, this time, on behalf of my late cousin’s “estate.” My cousin’s mother’s estate retaliated by filing a Complaint contesting his Will and my appointment as Executor which involved several aspects of the law, personal property, bank accounts, out of state deed transfers and collaboration with Pennsylvania attorneys in order to acheive a fair settlement. Kathleen and I worked together on the case for over two years and although it was an emotional rollercoaster because it involved family and sensitive issues, we reached a fair settlement due to Kathleen’s tenacity, emotional support and professionalism in negotiating with opposing counsel. 

~ Frank F. 2022

My husband passed away suddenly in February 2021 without having made a Will. We were married for 15 years and he had three childeren by his first marriage. Kathleen represented me when a Caveat or objection to my being appointed Administrator of my late husband’s estate was filed by his children in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Kathleen filed a comprehensive Verified Complaint arguing why I was competent and by legal right, in the best position to to act as Administrator of my late husband’s estate. After several conferences with the Middlesex County Surrogate, we proved our case and I was appointed Administrator and received Letters Testamentary required to establish an estate account and disburse the assets of the estate. Kathleen guided me through the probate process, recommended a reputable Bond company to secure the estate and assisted me with the sale of my late husband’s real estate investment. She assured that all debts from the estate were settled and that myself and the other beneficiaries received their inheritance according to New Jersey intestate laws. It was a daunting task because it caused me to re-live my husband’s death at almost every step. Kathleen made herself available at all times for legal and emotional support and we worked together as a team throughout the entire process.

Anna B. 2021-2022

Kathleen drafted my 94 year old mother’s Will, Power of Attorney and Advance Directive. Although my mother was alert and competent, due to her advanced age, Kathleen took the extra precaution of having my mother’s current treating physicians prepare and sign Certifications confirming her competencey and understanding to make decisions relevant to her health and personal finances. My mother was treated with dignity and as a partner in the statement and execution of her final wishes. There was a formal signing with competent and respectful witnesses and a mobile Notary Public for my mother’s convenience and comfort. Kathleen being a nurse, like myself , was informative, patient and eager to address my mother’s questions during every step of the process. Kathleen’s unique “blending” of her medical-legal experience and compassion, made making a Will, which is usually an unpleasant, fearful task, a valuable learning experience which provided my mother and family with a genuine sense of security and peace of mind.

~ Patricia D. RN 2022 

Kathleen was highly recommended to me by a New York attorney for my recently-deceased father’s Will and Estate issues over properties in New Jersey and Florida. I am a 24 year old beneficiary and have received compassion, knowledge and guidance from Kathleen throughout this difficult time and process. She has involved my family in every aspect and referred me to an excellent Florida attorney for the property issues there. Kathleen is consistently accessible and LISTENS!

~ Nondi Y.D. 2023

I am a Registered Nurse in New Jersey and was terminated because I fell asleep while working on the night shift on the pediatric unit. Although sleeping on duty, other than on your designated break is not permitted, on that particular night we were short staffed and I had asked my supervisor for a break several times with no response. When she finally arrived on my unit I was resting my head on the desk in the Nurse’s Station. I retained Kathleen McLaughlin because she was an attorney AND a nurse and she pointed out to management that by law I am entitled to atleast a 15 minute break every 8 hours and this was a 12 hour shift I was working and I had been denied altogether. Further, that it was not my choice to take a nap, I was exhausted and fell asleep. I did not want my position back, however Kathleen won me my paid time off and sick time back and positive reference for future employment elsewhere.

C.T. RN 2016

I am a certified licensed drug counselor in New Jersey, whose license was threatened with termination and license revocation following an infraction. Kathleen represented me before the Licensing Board and was able to avoid termination and reduce my license revocation to a suspension with supervised practice. I found her personable, willing and reliable and her medical backround facilitated fruitful communications and rapport with the Licensing Board on my behalf.

~ K.V. 2021

I am a highly experienced middle-aged Registered Nurse who was recently terminated without cause from a New York hospital-affiliated outpatient facility after 11 years of service. I am the “oldest” and “highest paid” member of the nursing staff. I am currently being represented by Kathleen and navigating the facility’s internal channels to address my termination prior to formal litigation. Kathleen has educated me regarding New York’s “at-will” employer status and its ramifications to an employee who has been wrongfully terminated, but has at the same time provided hope and direction, as an employer’s act of “discrimination” based upon among other things, age, sex or higher wage, is still actionable under the “at-will’ rule.

~ J.P. RN 2022.

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